Writer-in-residence – Sharona Lin

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting to know our four writers-in-residence a bit better, before we publish their first pieces for you to dig into! Today, meet Sharona Lin.
Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m a recent communications graduate now working in the public service. I’ve wanted to be a writer, a lawyer, a robotics engineer and a film-maker, but public service is alright too. (Seriously.) My first love is reading – both books and comic books – and I also love watching film and TV, playing video games and board games, and using oxford commas. I also enjoy food.
What drew you to apply for the residencies? 
I moved up from Melbourne to Canberra in February. Before I even left Melbourne, I saw the residency and knew I had to apply. Feminartsy is such a great site – I’ve always loved the play on words, especially since it kind of describes me perfectly. I knew it would throw me right in to the Canberra writing community too, which I’m really excited about.
What would you like to get out of the program this year?
The main thing I’d like to get out of the program is just to get involved in Canberra’s writing community, and learn from writers much more talented than I.
What’s the best book you read in 2015? 
Can I cheat and do three? For non-fiction: Quiet by Susan Cain. It’s about introversion and challenges the idea that we all have to be extroverts to be happy and successful. For fiction: I know it’s old, but I think I read Gone Girl about half a dozen times in 2015. Everything about it is just compelling and messed up and amazing. I’m probably not going to fake my own death, but if I ever do feel like it, I know how to. And for comic books, Monstress #1 by Marjorie Liu. Gorgeous, intricate, engaging storytelling. Plus, Marjorie Liu is one of my role models.
What do you like about living in Canberra? 
I’ve only lived in Canberra three weeks, so I’m sure this will change, but I like how small it is – everyone is less than two degrees of separation away. It’s been really easy to make friends, which I’m usually not known for. I imagine it’d make dating hard though. I’m also kind of a nerd, so I’m excited that I’m so close to places like the National Portrait Gallery, Old Parliament House and Questacon. Oh, and I also watched Question Time at Parliament House the other day. That was awesome.
What’s a topic you would like to see more written about?
So many. I have particular interests in mental health, the intersection between pop culture and social issues, and politics.
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