Vendor Says Sell – Emma D

Emma D makes amazing comics. This one is a special treat for Feminartsies.

I am an artist and zine maker from Sydney. My work tends to be collage based and my main sources of inspiration are obsolete, mid-20th century reference books and educational books for children, which I salvage from op-shops, dumpsters and library book sales. My art is also heavily influenced by popular science, science fiction, educational television – especially David Attenborough documentaries – public libraries, album artwork, photocopying, walking aimlessly, punk, zines, street art, anarchism and DIY. My favourite artists are Gee Vaucher, Dexter Fletcher, Julie Doucet and Asger Jorn. My favourite colours are orange and indigo. My favourite vegetable is the potato, in all its wondrous variety. I am interested in other worlds, secret gardens and magic doors.

As well as collage I work in any medium that suits the execution of an idea – a comic, in this case. Vendor Says Sell! was inspired by my partner’s experience working for a printer whose main clients were real estate agents, themselves working under direction of the mysterious, all powerful vendor…

Page 1 colour working file FINAL(1) Page 2 colour working file FINAL Page 3 colour working file FINAL Page 4 colour working file FINAL

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