The Note

Last night I found a note that I had written for myself at the beginning.
For myself,
but really for you.


We exist in a bubble –
Of you and me.
It doesn’t matter what will or what was
It just is
We just do.
But when you leave, it feels like it’s going to burst
I’m surrounded by thoughts
by should and should not
by right and wrong
by yes and no
And I just want quiet…
Then you reappear


It has all but disappeared now
It didn’t go with a bang. Or even with a pop.
It just fizzled to nothing
Like bubbles in a bathtub
waiting for the lukewarm water to be drained.
That’s where we’re floating.
Amongst glimpses and reminders
amongst memories of what was.
You tell me we’re not at the end yet,
and I believe you.
But it’s gone, that bubble.


I write this not for you,
but for myself.
A reminder as we approach our ending
that once there was something more between us.
Once there was a bubble
Of you and me.

Image: Aaron Burden

12469898_10206879353236789_1056128854_oCourtney is a Canberra based writer with a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Political Science) from the University of Queensland. She has been published in Change Makers magazine (the product of a Brisbane based community journalism and engagement project) and Semper Floreat (the UQ student newspaper).

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