Planet Effie

Artist Effie Dee creates worlds of rainbow bliss with her illustrations, constructions, prints and more.

It’s hard to talk about your art without feeling like a huge wanker. That’s just a side effect of essentially doing something extremely self-indulgent with most of the hours of my day. Of course, feeling a bit like a tool all the time is totally worth the joy I get from making something every day.

I’ve been a collector since I was a child. I’ve always been a bowerbird, keeping every piece of glitter I found on the ground in a little container in my room. As I got older this escalated.

This year I started to panic when I looked around my studio and found several drawers of stickers and more than one shoebox full of rhinestones. I have a bit of a hoarding problem. I’m hoarding the raw ingredients for fifteen mardi gras floats in my back shed. Turns out this bad habit was worth it though, as now I’m working on multiple projects that are all equally fabulous and obscene.

Having been a doodler my whole life, at the moment I’m expressing my weird need to draw the stussy S on everything I own by working on a series of T-Shirts featuring some really dorky illustrations of Cool Pop Culture Stuff. Because I’m hip and with it and I know about the kids… or something.

I’m also working on a series of small beaded, bizarre alien creatures as a spin off from my Acid Pop project that I started earlier this year. These are just another stepping stone on my way to constructing an entire beaded universe that I can crawl inside of and live in forever.

I consider the art I make to be the most important thing about myself. Both as a means of self-reflection and as daydream escapism to Planet Effie, where all the plants are made of beads and pom poms and the animals are all drawn by Nickelodeon.

Follow my rainbow journey on my website,, or find me on Instagram (@EffieDee).

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