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Meet Madison Manning…

Madison Manning, the creative writer, the literature scholar, the photographer. With an innate ability to record her feelings and surroundings, Madison views living her life as her creative motivation. “When something affects me, I write it down. Or save it for a later project. Nothing escapes me, which is why I need to be alone for large portions of time.”


About Her & Her

Being alone is often thought by many to be a sad existence. Having people all around you at work, within the streets, on the roads and via the Internet is extremely deceptive, when at night you enter your home that’s filled with silence. I feel quite differently to this common train-of-thought. When I’m alone I don’t have to hide my insecurities, or mask the oddities of my character. All of my peculiarity can be laid bare without judgment by any others. The anxieties of the day and particularly for the future manifest themselves within the company of strangers. When I’m alone the tension can be released. Her & Her offers a gaze into what one woman feels when on her own, and comfortable to express herself. 

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Images: Madison Manning

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