May speaker profile : Kate Gardner

This month, we’re hosting a special event in partnership with Ainslie and Gorman Arts CentresMyth-busting women in music. We’ll be hearing from three amazing Canberra musicians, who will be sharing their experiences as women in music, and chatting about some of the gender barriers that mean that women remain underrepresented in areas of of the music industry.

To help you get to know our speakers, we’re featuring profiles with them over the next week – first up, meet Kate Gardner. Kate is a bassist, guitarist and singer who plays in metal band Psionic Tide, and has been active in the Canberra punk/metal scene for nearly 20 years.

When did you first start playing music?

I started playing at 14, my first two paycheques bought my first bass, a Yamaha RBX250.

What has been a highlight of your time as a musician/in the music industry? 

Teaching bass guitar and coaching an amazingly talented band of young women at Australia’s first ever Girls Rock! Camp is my standout moment.

Who is your favourite female musician, and why? 

Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! made me realise that there are other people like me out there which was a turning point in my life. She also writes great music and was kind enough to pose for a photo even though I must have seemed like an insane stalker type at the time. At the lowest point in my life she was an example that I could follow out of the darkness.

Name one barrier you see to women’s participation in music? 

No matter how talented or experienced you might be, nobody listens to anything you say and you have to fight to have any input.

What have you got planned music-wise this year/what are you looking forward to?

I’m really excited about the debut Psionic Tide EP which is rapidly approaching completion. The ‘Tide are the most amazing group of musicians I’ve ever collaborated with and the stuff we’re laying down is amazing, I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Where can people hear your stuff or find out more? 

The aforementioned record will be out soon, for latest news on that and other happenings, upcoming shows, live videos, , amusing anecdotes, and demos from the new EP look us up on Twitter and Facebook (don’t forget to hit LIKE!)


Myth-busting women in music will be held at Gorman Arts Centre Main Hall on Thursday 19 May, at 7pm. For more, head to our Facebook event page

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