Intricacies – Alexia Brehas

Artist Alexia Brehas creates intricate patterns and designs that draw inspiration from Indian henna art.

I have always been fascinated by culture and magic. The intricate detail that can be found within the gorgeous illustrations of fairytales, and the traditional patterns and designs within cultures that span centuries have always captivated me with their beauty. I am particularly drawn to traditional Indian designs, especially those found in henna. I have made a henna mix from scratch before, and scrawled ornate mehndi designs on any friends who were willing – and it is this form of artwork that most inspires me.

I love to draw on things, whether it’s on paper, canvas, a friend’s hand, a ceramic hand, a plate, a bull skull, guitars, walls – anything really! The physicality of henna, as well as urban tattoo culture, has always intrigued me, and I find that a lot of my work tends to resemble a tattoo-esque style. My favourite medium to use is ink, and my favourite method is stippling and pointillism. Working with dots to create tone can be a painful and arduous process, but I find the symmetry and visceral attraction of the final product to be well worth it.

The premise of a large majority of my works is predominantly centered around the concept of abstruse mysticism, feminism and feminine aesthetics, folkloric pattern, and an emphasis on culture. I especially love drawing mandalas, an important aspect of henna design, because I am a stickler for symmetry, and I get great satisfaction out of seeing a perfectly crafted, intricately detailed mandala. I actually designed my own mandala-compass tattoo, and I greatly enjoy taking tattoo requests and commissions.

I find great power and intrigue to be held within mythology, faith, feminism, and nature. I often find myself integrating flowers and animals within my work, as I believe the earth deserves great respect and admiration. I like to draw, write, read and listen to anything that transports me to another world.

Space-Sea tumblr_mazkwkHcuU1rhetjfo1_1280 10716234_692803784137746_1304943284_n Ganesha Sketch

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