In the language of flowers a pineapple says ‘you are perfect’

You are a mango:
tough tart skin
and sweet flesh in the middle and
a stone heart.

Kind of complicated.

One of your friends once told me
you could grow a whole tree
from a heart like that.
But I’m not sure I believe it.

You’re a good summer substitute
— all tongue and tonguing
all salted skin and dick
all sticky senses —
but you won’t fare well in winter.

A stone heart doesn’t keep giving
in the colder months.

I demand more devotion
from my lovers,
and prefer my paramours to be a less popular

Everyone wants a mango –
and I’ll never fight for a man.

I like something slightly tangier.
My type is more pineapples.

Prickly on the outside
but oh so easy
oh so sweet
to eat.


Image: Neil Palmer

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