Editor’s Letter

Well, it’s the last month of Winter and I have to say, I’m kind of glad. Having enjoyed the crisp mornings and cosy hot chocolates as much as possible, I’m ready for some Spring action – bring on Floriade, I say!

To get us through this final freeze, we’ll need some strong determination – which is convenient, because the theme for August on Feminartsy is ‘Resolve’.

We’re kicking off with a touching, light-hearted and moving memoir from Rosanna Stevens, ‘Feel my Heartbeat: childhood, Wedgewood and coming out’.

Following on from their AMAZING lecture performance at The Front on July 31, Hissy Fit are sharing their short ‘Hair Manifesto’ with us, sure to get you headbanging in solidarity.

Yen Eriksen and Ashley Thomson share their words this month, in two excellent pieces which are miles apart in tone but equally intriguing.

We have creative non-fiction from Chiara Grassia, gorgeous art from Eve White, and a few surprises along the way as well including profiles of interesting Australians from all walks of life!

Before I let you get exploring, I wanted to acknowledge a change to the way Feminartsy will be working.

Since the site launched in June, I have had a huge number of writers and artists get in touch wanting to contribute their excellent work. Because I want to pay everyone who is featured on the site, I have had to turn down a lot of amazing work that I would have been thrilled to publish – because the budget won’t really allow more than five or six contributors a month.

It seems silly to do this, because the whole point of Feminartsy is to share great content with a community of like-minded people. So, to that end, the next few events we host will not be supporting a charity – instead, the funds will be going directly to paying writers and artists.

We’ll keep supporting charities throughout the year – but we’ll be thinking of innovative ways to do this, and the priority will be to support writers and artists in the short term.

Keep in touch, and stay tuned for our upcoming events. Don’t forget you can like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter – @feminartsy.



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