Give me something honest, like a

cardboard heart wrapped in string

Make me laugh about ‘it’, meaning

everything; I want to play it fake

If what you’re imagining is sex, place me

in the whip hot tundra where we can fuck and burn for it

We came to know each other via the internet. This person

I am is raw and innocent 4 u

And I will come to any party you want

but you gotta hold my hand. no you gotta have some meat on your

body. no you gotta know about the physics of why we all look like this

pls you gotta know you gotta be in love with our gravitational pull

in and of itself

In my number one fantasy I’m main stage wearing

a sheer fabric and you’re pulling me into a high lift

Something I’ve also been thinking, is how when you

crunch apples with your teeth it is so cute so dreamy

The entire world has this filmic quality now that we’ve had

a conversation about our feelings. Do you agree

Darling can you trust me

when I tell you that we’ll meet again one day on a long-haul flight

We will talk straight through from noon ‘til midnight



2014-03-27 14.16.56-1

Emily Stewart is a writer and editor. Her recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Filmme Fatales, Overland and the Age. She is a 2014 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow. 

Image – Jacob Gube


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