Artist Profile – Erin Michelle

Erin Michelle’s art presents quiet ruminations on life and the people in it.

My name is Erin Michelle and I create quiet, static artworks that express my wonder at the natural universe.

I work with watercolour paint and Prismacolor pencils, but I studied animation. University made it clear that digital art or 3D animation would be the way into a job in design or film; my scribbles and experimental stop motion films seemed kitsch and impotent. Disheartened, I drifted away from visual art.

A few years of neglect ended with triangles. Drawing hundreds of shapes and patterns cleared the slate, washed the bad taste of disillusionment from my mouth, and I’ve allowed my style to evolve organically since. I set up shop at markets, reopened my online Etsy store, sold pieces through retail stores, joined group exhibitions, illustrated short pieces by local writers and started taking commissions. Last year my work was filled with succulent plants and tortoises; I’ve recently started drawing portraits.

My aesthetic is informed by my interest in scepticism, feminism and atheism. My drawings seem static and repressed, yet rough and unpretentious. I despise my own knowledge gaps and am obsessed with improving my rudimentary understanding of science. Mysticism is less interesting to me than the honest tactile examination of reality. While I’m inspired by fantastical, whimsical, abstract installations and illustrations, what ends up tumbling from me is decidedly not mystical. Subjects sit lonely against harsh white backgrounds.

I resist the urge to hide evidence of the original sketch in a finished piece, or fix blemishes or misdirected colours. I want to recognise the impermanence and insignificance of my artwork by embracing the imperfections that arise during the making process.

There will be words: soon more of my works will incorporate text or be paired with stories. There will be film: soon I’ll dip my toes back into the pond of animation. There will be exhibitions: follow me on social media to see works in progress. Prints are available on Etsy.

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