Amanda Herzman – Girl Art

Illustrator and designer Amanda Herzman creates playful, quirky pieces that engage and amuse, whilst also subtly conveying a bigger message. Here’s what Amanda has to say about here Feminartsy illustrations:

These three illustrations are about confident, punk rock-esque girls with attitude. These works are about discovering subcultures and alternative fashions that inspire confidence, and how when we’re young, clothing and subculture can create a strong sense of identity.

The most important personal awakening for me has to do with my art. There are many important decisions and steps you undertake as an artist to further your work and your career. In my third year of art school, I felt that my art wasn’t serious enough. I felt that the art that I enjoyed creating most wasn’t ‘important’ enough, and that to be taken seriously I had to change my work. It took me a long time to work through these issues, and eventually my personal awakening was that I had to create work that I enjoyed, and that it was okay to do this. It seems like a ridiculously obvious idea – but one of the hardest struggles in any creative practice is to dismiss your preconceptions and beliefs of what ‘real art’ is, to stop comparing your own work to others, and instead start to value what you create.





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