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Friday Feminartsy Finds

Good Morning Feminartsy Community, Gilmore Girls’ Lane and Rory. Our founding editor, Zoya Patel, writes about Gilmore Girls in her exploration of pop culture, ethnicity, and identity of Sydney Writers’ Festival 2019. Well, it’s been almost a week since the election. And since innumerable pages of analysis, discussion, and opinion have already been devoted to…

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Review: Sonia Orchard’s Into the Fire

Into the Fire. by Sonia Orchard. Affirm Press, 2019. Pp 288. A$29.99 “We were not the women we once were, and we were the ones who could best bear witness to that change. Sad as it was, it was easier, simply, to look away” (229) Delicious, dark, smouldering — Sonia Orchard’s Into the Fire is an unflinching…

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January Story-share: Advice to my teenage self

Feminartsy is back in 2019, and we’re kicking off with one of our favourite themes – advice for our teenage selves. God, remember being a teenager? The trials, the tribulations, all of the small stuff we sweat? Three speakers will get the chance to reflect on their teen years, and give the advice they wish…

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