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Friday Feminartsy Finds

Good Morning Feminartsy Community, Eloise Grills, 2019 I want to start this week with some great in-depth coverage on gender issues across the globe. First up, China where incredible economic prosperity has overwhelmingly benefitted men and the expense of women. China is certainly not alone in this, but this article from the New York Times…

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FICTION: You Should Have Seen Her

Photo by Jan Krnc from Pexels ‘You have to go out with me,’ I told her, ‘because I can’t stop thinking about us.’  We’d stayed in the middle of the oval after PE, my friends watching from beside the eucalyptus trees. I reeked of grass from tackling like a pro, but she smelt like vanilla Lip Smacker. She…

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Read Like a Feminist Book Club – Growing Up African In Australia

Growing Up African In Australia. Edited by Maxine Beneba Clarke. Black Inc Books, 2019. Pp 288. A$29.99 In the lead up to our June Read Like a Feminist Book Club, we’ve put together a bit of a resource pack, to help you explore Growing Up African In Australia edited by Maxine Beneba Clarke ahead of the discussion. If you haven’t…

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