Introducing Our New Editorial Team

Meet Feminartsy’s New Editorial Assistants:

Devana Senanayake is a journalist and radio producer focusing on gender based violence, race and immigration in the Asia-Pacific region. Devana has reported for the South China Morning Post, VICE, ABC and SBS. In 2017, she won Writers Victoria Women of Colour Commission for her essay Misplaced in Pop about the misplacement of South Asian actors in Western media. In 2018, she produced a three part audio documentary about the immigration experience through the female lens called The Modern Odyssey for All The Best, 3CR Community Radio and Multicultural Arts Victoria. In 2019, her essay is slated to be published in the anthology We Are Here: Writing Place, edited by Meg Mundell.She also participated in documentaries made by the BBC, Aljazeera and ABC. Find her on: and on Twitter: @dsenanayake16

Kristy Kaden is a writer and editor based in Brisbane. Kristy has previously worked with Swedish international affairs magazine Uttryck, as well as editing for undergraduate academic and creative writing journal Jacaranda. She holds a BA in writing, journalism, and peace & conflict studies. Non-fiction is her weapon of choice, and her research and writing interests are varied but mostly focus on society, feminism, literature, and philosophy.

Originally from Canberra, Lisa Jane Stelling is preparing to move back to Australia after spending five years living abroad, in both the UK and Germany. Currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing through Deakin University, Lisa has also gained valuable writing experience through her role as a Content and Communications Manager with an expat network organisation in Munich, Germany.

Meet Feminartsy’s New Social Media Curators:

Adara Enthaler is a poet, editor and arts manager from the South Coast of NSW. She is currently a member of Enough Said Poetry Slam, Wollongong Writers Festival, South Coast Writers Centre and Society City Collective: a non-profit group that runs a second-hand bookstore and arts venue in Wollongong. She supports the literary arts in any way that is needed, having coordinated marketing, volunteers, fundraising, arts programs, and social media. Her freelance editing services are available at

Claire Farquhar is a freelance writer based near Wollongong, NSW. Her work has appeared in Junkee, the Tertangala and Twenty Something Humans. She is the editor for digital start-up magazine, Chattr, and is currently completing her degree in public relations and digital media. Lurk her on Twitter @silent_claire

Brooke Gillard is a Melbourne based Graphic Designer who loves to draw colourful and emotive pieces of women, plantlife, and culture. She is a keen lover of books (currently working as a bookseller and aspiring to become a cover designer), music (don’t you try to tell her 1D isn’t getting back together), and dogs (she’s that person who gasps when one walks by). She is passionate about art as a form of resistance and inclusion. And she cares greatly about issues of women’s mental health and body image.

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