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A girl working at a garment factory in Bangladesh.

This week opened with the findings of a landmark UN report about the extinction of a million different species. If you want to get involved, there are a number of initiatives and festivals around the country.

There’s plenty to get riled up about this week (and probably every week). Whether it’s the fact that most poor people in the world are women. In fact, the fastest growing demographic of people experiencing homelessness is single women over the age of 55. The causes of gendered poverty are structural and cultural and need to be understood as such before they can be addressed or altered.

More than 50% of murdered women in the US are killed by a current or former partner. A United Nations report in 2018 put it starkly: “The most dangerous place for a woman is her own home.” A new book explores the structural and social inequalities that perpetuate such statistics.

And a reminder that cheap, fast fashion is rarely – if ever – going to be ethical.

A new HBO documentary examining the lack of oversight that allowed Larry Nassar to groom and abuse his victims asks: “How much is a little girl worth?” And this thoughtful piece from Anwen Crawford looks at the musical genius of Michael Jackson to consider what is to be done with the art and output of such monsters. From the piece:

Michael Jackson spent most of his adult career telling the world through his art that he was bad and dangerous: a werewolf, a zombie, a freak. 

In less infuriating news, the New York Times has some suggestions for fun ways to spend 36 hours in Melbourne.

If you want something really fun to do in Melbourne, you could join us on May 23rd for our re-launch. Bookings and more information available via Eventbrite.

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