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Beyonce performs at Coachella

Good Morning Feminartsy Community,

The devastating Easter attacks in Sri Lanka hang heavy over the news of this week. Our thoughts are with the victims, their friends and families, and with Sri Lankan communities across the globe.

As climate change protests increase in frequency and intensity across the globe, data from the UK suggests that climate change and sexual harassment top this generation of girls’ key concerns. Though, to actually effect change, we will need soon realise that – while both issues are inherently inflected and influenced by gender – they are concerns for all humans. Meanwhile, Finland embraces a girlish subculture.

As we look towards the future, motherhood also seems to have emerged as a dominant theme of this week’s news cycle. Leaving aside the highly offensive and simply unfounded claims that those without children lack empathy, this week’s news about motherhood was a reminder once again that the health discrepancies between white and POC mothers can be stark and life-threatening.

Indeed, motherhood seems to have been a theme of some of our favourite long reads for this week. Writing and motherhood is a common news feature, but this conversation between Kate Zambreno and Sarah Manguso is still worth a look. And this piece reflecting on conception and reproduction is gripping.

For your listening pleasure, Solange’s latest album is definitely worth a play. And while everyone of whatever creed or colour can enjoy fantastic music, white feminists should always be reminded to stay in their lane when expressing enjoyment [I’ll include myself in this one]. For a local discussion of this topic, this Overland essay by Shelley Cheng is a great piece. Favourite line:

“If the main purpose of my work was to educate white people, I would have seen it as a failureafter being rejected twice by white art institutions…My project has always been about creating moments of solidarity with PoC. It is about presenting microaggressions in a way that helped people who share these experiences to name them as a form of violence.”

Finally, if you’re interest in writing has a research focus that tends towards the academic, the National Library of Australia Fellowships are now open and are a great opportunity to live and research in Canberra.

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