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Good Morning Feminartsy Community,

Lots to read this week

Congratulations to Maria Lucashenko on her Miles Franklin win for Too Much Lip. If you haven’t yet had a chance to read the novel, you’re in for a treat, as this profile makes clear.

In other Australian writing news, this essay by Nayuka Gorrie on ‘White Psycho Dream Girls’ is worth a Kill Your Darlings subscription alone. And this seemingly honest personal essay by Natalie Kon-yu in Overland is stunning.

From across the globe, this longread on the politicisation of testosterone is a study of the often damaging cultural narratives of a fundamentally misunderstood hormone. And if you’ve ever wondered why men’s clothes have endlessly practical pockets while women are forced to schlep bags big enough to cause injury, this article explores a few possible reasons. Doctors in the US don’t know how to treat LGBTIQ+ cancer patients. And – one of my favourite pieces from the week – this essay is an honest look at the benefits of not having your shit together.

There’s also been some great profiles this week, namely this one on the late Filipino-American chef Doreen Gamboa Fernandez. And this one on US national soccer team captain Megan Rapinoe.

Finally, in personal essay land, there’s this piece from CJ Hauser on the dissolution of a relationship. This one from Saskia Vogel on abuse and silence. And this one from Caitlin Horrocks on ‘The Ordinary Woman Theory’.

Finally, BroadAgenda is calling for blog contributors.

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