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Some of the women reshaping professional sport

Yooooo I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…is this piece on the rise of the Spice Girls generation. And if, like me, you grew up loving the band, you might discover some interesting tidbits about their time as one of the most famous bands in the world.

Actually, what I really, really want is some time to myself – something Brigid Schulte reminds us is both common, and a major factor inhibiting the number of women artists, writers, geniuses and so on. This is some great cultural studies writing.

Not that writing is always a positive activity, as this harrowing personal essay from Ginger Gorman explores.

In other harrowing news, this article on the thought process of a psychologist who helps determine whether or not parents are fit to take care of their kids is fascinating, and both moving and nuanced.

In more positive news, the New Yorker has a piece on the women who are reshaping sport. And this tongue-in-cheek call for submissions is worth a chuckle. And then there’s this profile of transgender opera singers.

Finally, this review of the latest season of Big Little Lies – which is both a critical perspective on a fantastic women-lead drama, and a useful mini lesson in storytelling.

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