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Eloise Grills, 2019

I want to start this week with some great in-depth coverage on gender issues across the globe. First up, China where incredible economic prosperity has overwhelmingly benefitted men and the expense of women. China is certainly not alone in this, but this article from the New York Times explores some of the culturally and geographically specific ways such inequality manifests. And then there is this piece from Afghanistan, where women speak of the fear of losing their hard-won freedoms.

Again, China and Afghanistan are not unique in terms of gender discrimination – as this article shows, such practice has a long history across the world. And some of the other great long reads from this week include this essay from the Atlantic on how the bureaucracy of HR reflects and serves to benefit the patriarchy of the workplace at large, despite the intentions of individuals.

But before we get too ‘doom and gloom’, the New York Times has commissioned three artists and two curators to compile a list of 25 works of art that define the contemporary age. The final comes in at 12 women to 13 men – not quite 50%, but a far better percentage than most art galleries can hope to achieve. Sticking with the theme of representation and art, this piece is a thought-provoking reflection on representation of transgender characters in YA novels.

For anyone who loves ruminating on translation and its impossibility, this essay on a new translation of Three Summers is a fun read.

And, finally, my absolutely favourite piece of this week. This personal essay by Eloise Grills. No summary can do it justice – it’s beautiful and moving and an absolute must-read.

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