Writing Residencies 2017

At Feminartsy, we’re committed to creating opportunities for writers to further their development and receive remuneration for their work. For us, it’s about continuing to value writers as professionals, and to value good writing itself as a significant contribution to our intellectual and cultural lives.

That’s why we’re VERY excited to announce that our writing residency program will be run again this year, and it’s even bigger and better than before! 

In 2017, we are offering nine emerging writers the opportunity to undertake a paid professional development residency.

We are also offering one emerging editor the opportunity to develop their editorial skills and get paid real $$s for their work!

2017 Writers-in-Residence Shortlist

We received over 70 application this year for residencies, and were highly impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of applicants. We’re very pleased to announce the following writers have been shortlisted for a residency:

Aditi Razdan
Siv Parker
Zev Aviv Orkin
Marta Skrabacz
Jemima Cooper
Neha Mulay
Naomi Barnbaum
Diana Tung
Fiona Murphy
Nida Mollison
Miranda Watson
Aayushi Talwa
Blair Williams
Codie Anne Bell
Kai Neizgoda
Congratulations to you all! Stay tuned for the announcement of our writers-in-residence for 2017, coming shortly.

This opportunity had been made available with the support of the ACT Government through an artsACT Project Funding grant.