Writing Residencies 2017

At Feminartsy, we’re committed to creating opportunities for writers to further their development and receive remuneration for their work. For us, it’s about continuing to value writers as professionals, and to value good writing itself as a significant contribution to our intellectual and cultural lives.

The Feminartsy Writing Residency program is a paid professional development opportunity for writers and emerging editors. In 2017, we are offering nine writers the opportunity to undertake 10-months of development through writing and publishing a monthly article, and accessing mentoring through our editorial team, with a monthly stipend.

We are also offering three emerging editors the opportunity to gain skills, work closely with writers, and also receive a monthly stipend.

Writers-in-residence 2017

Congratulations to the following writers, who have been selected for the 2017 Writing Residency program

Aditi Razdan
Aditi Razdan is a Law and Asian Studies student at ANU, drawn to the country of her ancestors and the stories of her people. She is particularly interested in issues of race, the politicisation of culture and religion and the criminalisation of coloured bodies.  She is a Sub-Editor at the East Asia Forum, Editor of Demos and has had her work published in Demos and The Kashmir Times.



Fiona Murphy
Fiona Murphy is a writer, editor and broadcaster. She’s one of the creators of the podcast Literary Canon Ball, a book club celebrating under-represented writers. You can also catch Fiona reading the weekend news on Vision Australia Radio. This year she’s stepping outside her comfort zone and is developing a comedy routine with the support of Comedy Lab — an initiative set up by Women with Disabilities Victoria, the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts. Fiona is currently working on a historical novel about animals big and small.


Marta Skrabacz
Marta Skrabacz is a Melbourne-based writer and producer. She is the Digital Producer for Noted Festival 2017. She tweets @grrlmarta




Siv Parker
Siv is a b-l-a-c-k artist who writes across genres and platforms, and outside dominant blackfella narratives. She has had articles and short stories published, won writing awards for fiction and nonfiction, and her blog ‘OnDusk’ was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA archives in 2015.  She is Yuwallaraay and draws inspiration from generations of storytellers of her black soil country. You can find her on Twitter @SivParker


Neha Mulay
Neha Mulay is an English major, a radical deconstructionist and an ardent Feminist. Her writing has appeared in Overland and Demos journals. She has a self indulgent blog.




Naomi Barnbaum
Naomi Barnbaum is a Canberra-based public servant, having fled more humid climes in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Relations (First Class Honours) from the University of Queensland. Naomi’s writing has appeared in Feminartsy, and she musters her musings on www.naomibarnbaum.com. Outside of writing, Naomi loves dogs, books, music (both as performer and spectator), and truly terrible television.


Zev Aviv
Zev Aviv is a genderqueer chicken whisperer and confused Jew. Their favourite things are power tools and weight lifting. Zev has a somewhat regrettable background in performing arts which they can’t discuss without accidentally yelling. Working for various street presses and online arts publications in the past, mostly as a theatre reviewer, only made this yelling louder. Zev has spent the past few years living and surviving, which they’re pretty proud about. Their favourite place to write is in a car on top of Mount Ainslie in their hometown of Canberra. They long to grow a beard.


Diana Tung
Diana Tung is a writer and anthropologist. She has lived in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S., where she was a Davis Scholar and Humanity In Action Senior Fellow. She lives for intersectional feminism and creative expression, and follows American politics obsessively. Her writing has appeared in McSweeney’s and Overland.



Jemimah Tarasov
Jemimah Tarasov has written for Overland, SMH, Stir, Bossy & others. She is a current editor of Overpass (https://overpassmag.com/) and a previous editor of Demos Journal. She is especially interested in queer issues, pop-culture and (of course) feminism. She wishes she could write like Chris Kraus, Helen Garner and Christos Tsiolkas.



This opportunity had been made available with the support of the ACT Government through an artsACT Project Funding grant.