Feminartsy is open for submissions from 1st-7th of each month.

We accept fiction, creative non-fiction, literary essays, poetry, and memoir. All submissions are capped at 3,500 words.

Feminartsy seeks to create a space for new and diverse voices and experiences of feminism. It is built on the philosophy that feminism is a powerful and perpetually relevant interrogative lens through which to question the current state of our world. We seek submissions that question, critique, and disentangle accepted narratives of gender and its associated relations of power. Work submitted does not need to be by or about women, but it does need to engage with an aspect of feminism and feminist thought as critical lens, as activist social movement, and as identity is about gendered bodies, and the ways they are created and constrained.

***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to funding constraints, Feminartsy is unable to pay contributors at this time. Feminartsy values the work of artists and writers, and believes that compensation is an important – if inadequate – measure of respect for the time and effort that goes into the creation of a piece. While we cannot offer monetary remuneration, Feminartsy promises to provide feedback on all submissions received during the submission window.

Please send all submissions to (Please note that submissions sent outside of the submission window will not be replied to).

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