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Feminartsy is an online feminist literature and arts journal, founded in 2014.. Throughout the month, new content is added weekly, including memoir, essays, fiction, photo essays, and art spreads.

Feminartsy showcases some of the best writing and art talent in Australia and beyond, all through a feminist lens. Founded and edited by Zoya Patel, former Editor-In-Chief of Lip Magazine, the journal creates a new mood online each month and celebrates excellent content in all of its forms.

Where does the name Feminartsy come from? In 2013, Zoya was trolled by some men’s rights activists who accused her of being a ‘feminartsy’, someone they described as ‘…a hip-hop-happening modern gal who eats out a lot. She’s in the seventh year of a three-year Creative Writing degree and really hoping to finish any year now. Her career goals include enjoying totally unreal hobbies and maybe getting a job one day doing something arty – and fun’.

Rather than being offended, Zoya thought this girl sounded kind of cool, and decided to reappropriate the name for a space that celebrates the quirky, arty feminist types rather than denigrating them.

Each month Feminartsy presents special events in Canberra, Australia, including gigs, debates, panels, readings and more.

Funds raised from events support paying contributors to the site.



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